Photos prove that we were here. 

We began The Strong Catalyst with photos because we felt frustrated with the lack of visibility for lesbian women.  What social media and the internet is full of is images that portray a straight man's fantasy of what being a lesbian is...two thin, femme, blonde women making out...and when we looked around us, that was a far cry from the beautiful, diverse community of LGBTQ women in Philadelphia.  So we set out to photograph as many LGBTQ women as possible and over the last year, we have heard the same refrains over and over again.  "I felt like I was seen and had a chance to see others in a way I never had before."  

No matter who you are, what you look like, what your style is, where you live, or how camera shy you are, we want to have you at our next shoot.  They are (almost) always free and are shot by our co-founder and professional photographer Amanda Swiger of Swiger Photography.  Nerves are normal but we promise, we've got jokes to calm your nerves and the skills to make you look and feel amazing.  And we are always hosting different themed shoots and we are always open to ideas!  

Contact us to find out when our next shoot is or keep scrolling to see some of our favorite shots from past shoots.  You'll see the beautifully diverse community we are building and we hope that will make you want to be apart!