REAL - Southern Mansion Lesbian Wedding

REAL is the heart of The Strong Catalyst and we are thrilled to be sharing real life stories and images every week of LGBTQ women's stories from all over the country.  Today's real story comes from Johanna Dye Photography  and Two Bright Lights! 

How did you meet?
We met through a mutual friend. Natasha is a hair stylist and one of my friends suggested we have a girls day and get our hair done so we made appointments with Natasha.

How did you propose?
While living in Philly I planned a rather large surprise for Natasha. I gathered 15 of our closest friends and family from North Carolina, New York and Maryland in philly. After Natasha got off of work I had two of her friends pick her up from work and take her to lunch. After lunch they took her to their hotel to change (where I had two outfits already picked out so she had options). After she changed we had plans to meet her parents (who she knew were in town), but her friends took her the long way around city hall to Love park where I was waiting. I had two friends hiding in the bushes to take pictures. I took her to a spot and then popped the question. After that we walked to dinner where the other 10 friends and family were waiting to surprise her. Then we danced the night away.

What was the favorite thing about the wedding day?
Bris response: seeing Natasha walk down the aisle
Natasha response: having everyone we love in the same place at the same time

Which tips would you give future Brides, planning their wedding?
Don't stress about the little details. Don't over do it.

Bri, whats your favorite thing about Natasha?
1. her goofiness (which always makes me smile) 2. the ability to make me feel like I can be myself no matter what 3. She loves me for me

Natasha, what do you love about Bri?
1. her loyalty 2. Her work ethic 3. Her way of making light of any situation, she doesn't get stressed and always calms me down in time of need