#PWCW - Tia Curtis

If you have been around a while you know we love to party.  Whether its a big affair or just getting together with some friends, if there is booze, good music and awesome people you can count us in.  So when we meet fellow event throwers and all around awesome people, its kinda hard not to crush on them from the start.  Tia Curtis is not just an all around awesome human, she works HER Social App as the Philadelphia City Lead!  

Not familiar with HER?  Let us break it down for you!  Inclusive to the entire women LGBTQ+ community, HER is the premier global queer dating and social app. In the wake of recent events in Philly, inclusiveness and safe spaces are harder to find than ever, and that's what HER is after. Unity, community, and some love! They hosted their first event in Philly in March and they are back at it again this summer so you def want to check that out!  Need the the info?  We've got ya covered!  

This all around badass, totally chill, friendly lady is def making Philly (and lets face it, everywhere) better and to us, that's totes crushable.  So if you see her out, go ahead and introduce yourself and we promise you'll have a brand new, awesome friend!  

All the love to you Tia - we are so glad Philly women have leaders like you!