#PWCW - Kate Hinchey Wise

There are some people who just jump in and help, no matter what.  If someone needs something, they are the first to start brainstorming how to help, what can be done and how to make a big impact with little resources.  People like this are few and far between but Kate Hinchey Wise is one of those people without a doubt.  She is hardwired with serving others and her community and every single thing she does is laced with the passion to make the world a better place.  She is opinionated, sassy, friendly, kind and her fiery def matches her personality to a T.  She has worked with local community staples like The Philly Dyke March, The LGBTQ Liason ot the Mayor, and The William Way Center as well as national organizations like The Creating Change Conference.  She is your girl if you need a loud, friendly Dyke on a megaphone or if you need serious help with administrative concerns and social platforms or even if you are planning the first ever LGBTQ Women's Week like we did!  She was invaluable in helping us connect with other people to create The Revolution and we seriously just adore Kate to pieces. She has a thing for breaking glass ceilings and chasing her dreams with wild abandon, and lez be honest, its pretty damn sexy.   

If all that isn't enough to make her crush worthy enough, she's hot as hell to boot and married to the cutiest California babe, Celeste.  They got married January 2nd of this year to beat Trump to office and their beautiful styled wedding was done by our very own Amanda Swiger.  And let us tell you, it was the most beautiful wedding we had ever been apart of!  She loves Harry Potter (her cat is named Dobby!), her amazing friends, Beyonce, Disney movies, art, and her alma mater Bryn Mawr.  She's an all around gorgeous bad ass that we wanna be just like when we grow up!  

Kate - we are so grateful to have known you for over 6 years and to see the amazing things you have done in this community and for our world.  From the You Are Not Alone Project to Stimulus to community activism to your wedding, you've become our favorite local unsung hero and we so appreciate all you do to give space to voices in our communities and to constantly encourage people like us to keep going.  You are amazing, girl!  And we can't wait to see where life takes you next.