Graduation Party Cocktails

No matter what degree you are graduating with, you deserve to be celebrated!  And while we wish we could raise a glass in person and toast each one of you, instead we thought we'd share 4 of our new favorite cocktails to help you celebrate this exciting time in your life.  To all of our recent grads, congrats ya'll!  You deserve a strong cocktail, getting to take a break and all the best as you start this next adventure!  

Citrus Whiskey Punch

There is nothing average about this punch and that's why we think its perfect for a graduation party!  Its a little fancy, kinda like that new diploma of yours, and is perfect for the spring too!  To get the recipe, click here!


French 75

There's something about a champange flute that says celebrate!  Its super easy to make and it just looks fun with the lemon twist!  To learn how to make this classic cocktail, head here!  

Rhubarb Soda

This one is for all those high school grads and non-drinkers out there!  We love this drink, even if it is time consuming to make!  But its super refreshing and a great way to celebrate without the alcohol!  

Long Island Iced Tea Jello Shot

College brings back memories of jello shots and crazy parties, but this new take on a college classic is super fun!  It takes just like a long island iced tea and you can make them more or less strong depending on your preference!  Perfect for a graduation party!