Follow Friday's - Yasmin Estradas, Robin Talley, Sarah Croce and E's Tees

Follow Friday's is a monthly list of awesome LGBTQ women and queers you should follow!  Every month our staff pulls together some of the coolest people on the internet and compiles a new list of links, videos, blogs and businesses we think you should check out!  Got one you think we should include?  Email us at!


Yasmin Estradas

This bisexual, bad ass makeup artist is not only hella talented but she is also refreshingly honest when it comes to talking about sexuality.  Check out her Q&A video below, and then go check out her other tutorials on YouTube!  


Our Own Private Universe by Robin Talley

This sweet novel about a bisexual teen who is discovering what it means to be in love with her her first girl and what that process is like.  Its light hearted and sweet but might be a little tame for some.  Author Robin Talley writes several queer novels though so if you like this one, def check out her other stuff as well!  


Sarah Croce

Sarah is an actress and producer - she's been in Girl Talk, Bleeder, The Levi’s Unbuttoned campaign, AT&T and Issues: The Series but she is also a talented YouTube Vlogger as well!  Check out one of our favs below!  


E's Tees and More

If your local to Philly and like supporting businesses around you, then you HAVE to check out E's Tees.  Owned by the amazing Esadiva, she sells custom and already made shirts that are not just queer friendly but also hella unique too.  Check out her stuff here and if you order from her, tell her we sent ya her way!