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Hi friend!  Whether we know each other yet or not, I am glad you are here.  

I don't know about you, but for many years I was just a face that a lot of people knew but none of them knew anything else about me.  After working at Sisters (RIP to Philly's only Lesbian bar) and being out in the community for almost 10 years, it bothered me that I still didn't feel connected.  What was worse than not feeling connected, was feeling bullied, pushed out and stepped over.  I watched countless times as people discounted or took advantage of my wife Amanda (the beautiful brain behind most of what you see here) all while reducing me to nothing more than a hot piece ass that they wanted to have for themselves.  Not only did it hurt, it made me loose faith in humanity and the Philly LGBTQ scene.  

I clearly remember sitting out at Tabu Lounge one night after yet another person made some hurtful remark and I looked Amanda and said we had two options.  Grab our coats, pay our tab and isolate ourselves into our lives far away from the gayborhood OR we could fight to change the things we saw as problems.  8 months later we launched a website, held our first photoshoot and began passionately creating a new community for lesbian women in Philadelphia.  I am very proud of all that we have created, but we are far from finished.  

The Strong Catalyst is a place for lesbian and LGBTQ women to find community, connection, inspiration, fresh content and all that you need to know about what is going on in Philly for women and I am so thrilled you found us.  I sincerely believe that what The Strong Catalyst and Philadelphia is missing is more voices like yours and mine and even that person that drives you crazy.  We are stronger when each of our voices, talents, abilities, experiences, and dreams have a place to shine.  

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The Revolution Philly

We just wrapped up Philly's first ever LGBTQ women's week and it was a tremendous success!  Over 1,000 women came to 10 events over 7 days and with events like an Expo, Open Mic Night, Fundraisers and big party, there was something for everyone.  The Revolution 2018 will go down the first week on March 2018 and we will begin planning next years at the beginning of July!  Wanna be apart?  Just drop us a line!  


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Ever feel like the internet keeps you from the real in life?  

Yea, Us too.

We have created a special section of our website devoted to to real women, stories, couples, businesses and more that are all local to the Greater Philadelphia area.

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